The Parker Center

122 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus

The Challenge

Several years ago, Dr. Paul Parker, Owner of Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, connected with Darren to discuss a vacancy located in the lower level of his medical building in Paramus.  The building was home to Dr. Parker’s office, Medi-spa, and surgery center.  The building also had a couple other Tenants including a psychiatrist and chiropractor.  The Team felt the vacant suite would be ideal for a dental office to complement the other uses in the building.

After the building came to market, it soon became evident that this suite had some challenges.  The building was constructed on a slope given the natural slope of the property, which minimized the amount of natural light that would shine through the interior.  The space was also located in the rear of the building, so it was not desirable for all the prospects that toured the building for their needs.


Team Lizzack/Horning met with Dr. Parker to determine how to overcome these hurdles.  Dr. Parker mentioned during the meeting that Valley Hospital was developing a plan to relocate from Ridgewood to the Paramus area, and the site selected would be located directly behind his property.  Furthermore, there was some parking spaces on the hospital parcel that belonged to Dr. Parker.  Through Dr. Parker’s strong relationship with the hospital, he was able to negotiate favorable terms to redirect all traffic exiting his property through a new means of egress in the back of the building.

The Team came up with the concept of redoing the façade of the rear of the building; a “face-lift” to make the back of the building look like the front of the building.  These changes combined with the construction of the new hospital directly behind Dr. Parker’s building made this vacant suite much more desirable, and soon gained the attention of a general dentist named David Hana, who was looking to go out on his own and open up a state-of-the-art dental office in Paramus.


Team Lizzack/Horning successfully completed the negotiations between Dr. Parker and Dr. Hanna, and once the lease was executed, Dr. Hanna and his design/build team took over the project to construct this brand-new dental office.  Through a plethora of hurdles to get through including municipal approvals, construction delays, and a lot of hard work and dedication, construction came to completion in late February 2023, fifteen months after the lease was finalized.

Project Team

Team Mentions:

    1. Brokers: Darren Lizzack & Randy Horning from NAI James E. Hanson
    2. Landlord’s Attorney: Robert F. Green, Esq. from Shapiro & Croland
    3. Photographer: Jonathan Ayala from Visual Grip