Skin and Laser Center of NJ

500 N. Franklin Tpke., Ramsey

The Challenge

In October 2019 Dr. Jocelyn Lieb, Skin & Laser Center of NJ, hired Darren Lizzack and Randy Horning to relocate their dermatology office.  At the time, the center was operating out of two separate suites located on two separate floors in a Mahwah building.  Dr. Lieb likened this setup as the equivalent of operating two distinct offices for the same practice, which created a multitude of inefficiencies and negatively affected the practice. She asked Team Lizzack/Horning to locate a property with the space to house the practice in one suite.


At first, Dr. Lieb only wanted to purchase a property within a small radius surrounding the former Mahwah location.  Property options were limited, and Darren and Randy searched for over a year.  Leasing offered substantially more choices for consideration.  Team Lizzack/Horning selected three properties and submitted offers to each to create leverage during negotiations.


By creating leverage for Skin and Laser Center of NJ, Darren and Randy were successful in negotiating the best possible lease terms.  Skin and Laser Center leased 7,112 SF at 500 N. Franklin Tpke., Ramsey.  Both the Tenant and Landlord were extremely satisfied with the results.  The process took almost two years to complete.  Skin and Laser Center of NJ was able to fully open in February of 2022.

Project Team