As graduates of NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate—and with over 37 years of combined experience in the commercial real estate market—Darren Lizzack and Randy Horning offer a depth and breadth of knowledge about CRE evaluation, including:

  • Asset management
  • Underwriting and property valuations
  • Property marketing for sale
  • Financial modeling

They leverage their experience, conducting thorough due diligence to evaluate whether it makes the best financial sense to buy, sell, or refinance commercial real estate properties. 

Ready to start a journey to invest in commercial properties? Darren and Randy can also help develop strategies for passive investors, recommending investments in long term leases (LTL) for publicly traded companies.

Team Lizzack-Horning provides another wealth of resources through its connection to CREA United. This organization, formed by Darren Lizzack in 2008, comprises a partnership of over 86 successful firms that represent all disciplines within the commercial real estate industry. This group of professionals uses a natural, collaborative approach to business development.