Everyday Urgent Care

61 West Pleasant Ave., Maywood

The Challenge

In September of 2020, Jisann Lynch of Everyday Urgent Care engaged Randy Horning and Darren Lizzack to open an Urgent Care at 61 West Pleasant Ave., Maywood, a property they represented.  Jisann had already begun the process to lease another property in Hackensack which the municipality ultimately denied.  Having already committed many hours to her other project, Jisann needed a team she could rely on to lead this new project.


Randy and Darren compiled a team of various professionals, including architecture and construction, to help Jisann with her project.  While the space was being designed, Randy and Darren negotiated an LOI to create well-balanced terms between Jisann and the landlord.  Once everyone agreed to terms, the attorneys drafted and negotiated a lease.


Everyday Urgent Care opened in September of 2021, a full year after the process started.  While the time needed to secure a construction loan and delays obtaining materials for construction made the process longer, the result is a beautifully built-out Urgent Care in the heart of Maywood, serving the immediate surrounding towns.

Project Team

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